Password Stealing Via Phone?

Had a strange voicemail message today. The beginning was cut off but the end of of said Verizon cares about me so I assume they claimed to be from Verizon at the beginning. All I had to do was logon “with my account” to a domain I never heard of. Nothing about it sounded right but I decided to do a little research. The domain was registered today to a registrar in Australia, unlike the legit Verizon Wireless domain registered with MarkMonitor which is used by a lot of large companies since they do brand protection. Why don’t I think Verizon would both use a different registrar and wait until the start the robocalls (it was a recorded, somewhat mechanical voice)?

I guess phone calls are so cheap these days that they can be used to steal IDs, which is what I assume the website would do. Or are Verizon accounts all that valuable? I assume they could get email, names & addresses and credit card or other payment account info. On the positive side maybe it means that email scams have become less effective.