OS Quest Trail Log

The OS Quest Trail Log #18: Year End Edition

Another year comes to a close faster than expected. I supposed to do a year end wrap-up or predictions post but I won’t. I’ll stick to the program and just talk about recent stuff. Plenty of wrap-ups and predictions elsewhere.

Microsoft released Windows XP SP3 RC1 and after my success installing the Vista SP1 Release Candidate I decided to give it a try. I wasn’t so lucky with this update. During the install it told me it couldn’t copy a file. While trying to research the problem I received some memory related errors trying to read the files. These were either incorrect or related to a specific resource since I had plenty of free memory. Since this was a release candidate I gave up quickly since I didn’t want to invest the time. I had created a snapshot with Parallels prior to starting the upgrade so I just reverted to the previous snapshot and pretended I never tried to install SP3. Another benefit of VM’s is the easy recovery.

My troubles installing Ubuntu under Parallels continued. Much to my surprise Ubuntu 7.10 Server installed quickly under VMware. I started the install while the Parallels install was copying files (after the Ubuntu install wizard) and it was done first and booted first time. That’s not a good performance comparison since both were competing for the same disk and cpu cycles, but it was promising. I have both Parallels and VMware on my iMac although I’ve pretty much stuck to Parallels. I doesn’t seem worth the overhead to run both at the same time. (I bought a couple VMware Fusion licenses prior to it’s official release when they were dirt cheap) I’ll probably run Ubuntu Server on VMware Fusion and if it works I’ll move my Windows XP virtual machine over to it using the convertor VMware provides.

There is a reason behind my Ubuntu Server installation. The plan is to set up a complete test & development environment for web software on the Ubuntu Server virtual machine. But I want it as a learning experience so rather than let the Ubuntu Server installer install Apache, MySQL and other apps I just did the base install and I’ll do the rest one at a time as I learn about them. While I could set this up on my Mac using OS X I decided to go with a VM. It’s more like having a remote server and I don’t have to worry about screwing up my Mac.

I’m hoping to clear up a small backlog of posts and get those up this week. I installed Mandriva and Fedora under VMware Fusion. I don’t plan on doing much with them but I’ll get the install screen shots up.  I’ll avoid mentioning anything else since some of them may not see the light of day since there never seems to be enough time.

News & Links Windows XP – Disable dumpprep when programs crash – Tip for turning off those error report dialogs that most people cancel when a program crashes. Lifehacker’s 2007 Guide to Free Software and Webapps – Huge list of free software and webapps from End of Support for Netscape web browsers – AOL will be killing the Netscape browser on Feb 1, 2008. Makes sense – I doubt I’m the only one who forgot Netscape was still being developed. AOL paid $4 billion for Netscape back in 1998.