Set a Static IP Address In Untangle

Typically home routers are set to provide DHCP by default and most home PCs use DHCP out of the box. This makes this work with minimal effort. But there may be times were you want a hardcoded IP address, I was recently installing a new home server which is one case where a static IP address makes sense. Having a server potentially change IP addresses is asking for problems. I also configure a static IP address to that I can access my web server using a alias rather than having to type the IP address or fully qualified domain name.  Another case where a static IP may be wanted is for media center PCs or any PC you may want to connect to from another PC or device.

This shows the steps for setting a static IP address in Untangle. Other routers will be done differently.

Logon to the Untangle Console & Select Networking on the Config Tab


Select DNS Server on the Networking Page

Existing DNS entries may be listed or the list will be blank.

Select “Add” under the Static DNS Entries section

This will create a new entry with some sample entries

Enter in the information for the computer

Because this computer will only be accessed within my home I don’t enter a full domain name. I can access the computer by using the name only. The name does not need to match the computer’s configured name but to avoid confusion and potential problems it should match the name.

You’re Done – Click OK

Be sure to set the IP address as a static address on the computer

Now any time you try to connect to the new name it will go to the IP address listed.