Patch Tuesday – Now With Windows RT Included!

Patch Tuesday list for Windows RT

While there were patches waiting when we all first got our Microsoft Surface RT, today was the first “Patch Tuesday” since it’s release, and it was invited to the party. It brought a firmware update and 7 other patches, although one of those was a Windows Defender definition update and probably shouldn’t count.

Patch Tuesday list for Windows RT

Some bloggers and others were reporting a performance improvement. Personally, it seemed the same for me. My slowest app (MetroTwit) is still frustratingly slow but now crashes much faster. I don’t blame the patch for this as MetroTwit was a devil of an app from the time I installed it. has a thread going to discuss the patching experience and results. Check it out before you update and add your two-cents after the update.



Surface Geeks Podcast Episode 4

Episode 4 of the Surface Geeks Podcasts has been released. I was a co-host again this week  as we discussed the roller coaster that is Microsoft Surface RT.

Subscribe and rate in iTunes. Personally I’d love to see a Microsoft Surface podcast top a iTunes popular tech podcast list. But then again, I fire up IE to go to and Safari to go to

Surface Geeks Podcast Episode 3

Episode 3 of the Surface Geeks podcast, with yours truly as one of the co-hosts, is available in both audio and video. This is the first SG podcast since Surface was released so there’s some hands on discussion. Dave also shares his line experience. Almost makes me wish I joined a line. Almost. Hit this link for the various audio and video options, or the subscribe to future episodes.