SOPA and PIPA and Blackouts

If your reading this on Jan 18th you know I’m not blacking out the site. While I agree SOPA & PIPA the only reason I see to blackout a site is to raise awareness and blacking out this site won’t do that. I suspect everybody who comes here will have heard of this if not actually visited a blacked out site.

If not, and you want to learn more, here are some links with more information.

  • A little old, but the Verge has a relatively short but informative article about SOPA. The DNS provisions appear dead (for now, but the rest still applies). Although those DNS provisions are still in the bill posted on the Library of Congress’ Thomas site.
  • The Reddit blog has a good breakdown of breakdown of the SOPA and PIPA provisions
  • Wikipedia has a long write-up about SOPA and does a good job of advocating the reasons SOPA is bad law. Just don’t expect to be able to read this the 18th.

Rumor has it that the Google homepage will have SOPA related links on the 18th.

Even if SOPA and PIPA fail to pass this year I have no doubt they will return with a new name so just because the latest news makes it appear they are dead, it’s not a permanent condition.