Moving FeedBurner Feed to New Account

I’ve been using FeedBurner from before the days Google owned it. When I converted it to a Google account I used my GMail account. I’ve been trying to consolidate everything to my Google Apps account and now it was time to move the FeedBurner feeds. This was a simple process and despite a warning that it could take up to 72 hours, I was done in minutes. (It took longer to write this article.)

You can only transfer between Google accounts, but I was able to transfer from a regular Google account to a Google Apps account.

  1. Log on to the existing FeedBurner account
  2. Click into the feed you want to transfer and select “Transfer Feed…”
  3. Enter the email address of the recipient then click the “Send Transfer Acceptance Request” button.
  4. Despite the warning that it can take up to 72 hours I received my email within moments. There’s a link to click in the email. When clicked you’re asked to accept or reject the transfer. I accepted and the feed was instantly in my new account.

This will be the first post since transferring the feed so we’ll see if it broke anything. [Update: It worked!]

[Update June 26th] I use FeedBurner to tweet when I have a new post. This broke when I moved the feed since the receiving Google account wasn’t authorized for Twitter. In FeedBurner I went to the Publicize tab, then the Socialize selection on the left. Then I just clicked the “Add a Twitter Account” button and authorized it. Then the Tweets started working again.

Excluding Categories from WordPress Feeds

This post is obsolete.

I recently wanted to set up a new rss feed that would exclude posts in a couple of categories but include all others. I found these procedures but they didn’t work for me. My feed would only exclude the last category specified. But I eventually found a syntax that works. Here’s the procedure I used.

First I got the category ID numbers for the categories I wanted to exclude. In my case I want to exclude the “Quick Bits” and “Likes & Gripes” categories. The categories are listed in WordPress console on the Manage -> Categories tab. The number I want is in the first column.


The “Likes & Gripes” ID is 229, as shown in the picture to the left. The “Quick Bits” ID is 59. Now, the URL for my full feed is So, based on the procedures that I found I should be able to use But like I said, that wasn’t working for me. Only the last category would be excluded, even if I changed the order or added new category.

I was able to tweak the syntax a bit and I found the following syntax works:,-229. This gave me a feed that properly excluded the “Quick Bits” and Likes & “Dislikes” categories.

I use FeedBurner for my feeds and also wanted to have this feed managed through FeedBurner. Configuring this in FeedBurner was as simple as using the working URL as the original feed address.

I’m not sure why the original syntax didn’t work. I found other articles with the same syntax. The articles were about a year old so maybe things are different with the current version. Or maybe there’s some plug-in that makes my WordPress install unique.

If you want to subscribe to this site, either through an rss feed reader or by email you can subscribe to a feed of all content, my newly created articles only feed or any of several other feeds. They’re all listed on my About page.