OS Quest Trail Log

The OS Quest Trail Log #7

It’ll be a short log this week. While the Quest has been busy this week, most of the work will make it into individual posts during the next week. I’ve been looking at Jungle Disk and Amazon S3 for backing up. I’ve also been looking at Microsoft’s free SyncToy as a simple backup alternative.

Software of Interest

Flying Meat has a new image editor out called Acorn that’s receiving positive reviews. From a feature perspective it seems to be a steal at it’s $40 intro price (no mention when the price goes up). I downloaded the eval and like it’s ease of use. I couldn’t get it to print properly but haven’t had time to dig into it. I’ve only spent about an hour looking at it but it made a favorable impression. With Adobe Photoshop Elements still not a universal binary (and will probably cost more than $40 to upgrade once it is) Acorn has come along at a good time. But it’s going to be a crowded field with Pixelmator in private beta and Iris promised soon after Leopard.

Growl, the open source system notification tool for OS X has been upgraded to version 1.1.

Adobe Lightroom 1.2 was released. The release notes (PDF link). The “upgrade” is a download and install of the full product which is a 40MB download for the Mac.

CyberDuck, the popular open source FTP client for Mac OS X has been updated to version 2.8.

Links & News

Lifehacker is running an unscientific poll of online backup software, At this time Mozy has the most votes and is just slightly ahead of “My data lives on the edge.”

IBM has thrown their support behind It’s discussed at Slashdot.

A great podcast was mentioned on a recent Mac Break Weekly. It’s from a music company and it contains free music without DRM. Image that, a music company views the Internet and podcasts as a way to promote music. The company is Magnatune. Their website banner and podcast intros proclaim “We’re not evil.”. The podcasts are about an hour long and are grouped by types of music. I took the “Everything” feed and get a nice mix of music types and have yet to get a podcast that wasn’t worth the listen.

SCO filed for Chapter 11 last Friday.