The OS Quest Trail Log #8

Another short update for the log.

I spent some time trying to install Boot Camp on my iMac. It couldn’t resize the existing partition to make room for boot camp. I could image to another drive, then erase and image back. But I decided to try out iDefrag and explore the whole OS X doesn’t need defragging thing. My 500GB drive with about 250GB of data had 0.5% fragmentation, after being used for about 9 months. As expected (because they’re large and written to often), the Parallels VM drives were the most highly fragmented as were some Aperture library files. Songs in my iTunes library were also highly fragmented which did surprise me. After a night of running iDefrag my hard disk was compacted and I could repartition it for Boot Camp. So I’ve added a Windows Vista install to the mix, installing it with Boot Camp on my iMac,

Software of Interest 2.3 has been released. The release notes for the open source application provide the list of enhancements and security fixes.

iStat Pro 4.2 has been released for OS X. iStat Pro is a dashboard widget that displays numerous OS stats.

The popular Carbon Copy Cloner has been updated to version 3.

Acorn has been updated to version 1.0.1. The update is mainly bug fixes but has a few minor new features. Acorn is a image editor for the Mac that has a $40 intro price (there’s also a 30-day full-featured evaluation version).


I’ve been having network problems running Vista under VMWare on my MacBook. Every once in a while I lose network connectivity. Everything shows as “working” but it’s not. I do a repair and all is well. Scott Hanselman has a post showing how to “Reset the crap out of your network adapters in Vista.”

Links & News

Yahoo acquired Zimbra for $350 million. There’s a Yahoo blog entry and press release. Zimbra provides email and collaboration software. Speculation is that this will help Yahoo create an offering to compete with Google Apps.

IBM announced I.B.M. Lotus Symphony. Symphony is an office productivity suite based upon the open source The announcement follows the recent announcement of IBM formally joining the community.

Google added the long awaited presentation app to Google Docs & Spreadsheets. It’s called “Presentation” (and Google Docs and Spreadsheets is now just Google Docs)