Domain Name Prices To Increase July 1st

Gold man surfing the world wide web

Gold man surfing the world wide webVerisign will be raising the wholesale price of domain names with the .NET and .COM extensions on July 1st. .NET domains will go up 10% while .COM domains will go up 7%. Most domain registrars will be passing the increase along to their customers.

The increase is not retroactive so you don’t have to worry about a new bill if you have a domain. You can also lock in the current price by renewing your registration for additional years. .COM domains can be registered for up to 10 years.

I just finished going through my domains. For ones like this one, that I intend to have for a long time, I renewed for multiple years. For the domains I use for email I renewed them for the maximum of 10 years. I don’t expect prices to decline, only go up, so I figure it’s worth the up front expense. I also went through my domains that are scheduled to expire this year and renewed the ones I want to keep for sure. has a promotional price of $6.99 for .COM and .NET domains that are transferred into them. No coupon code required. I don’t use myself so can’t speak to their service, but they have a generally good reputation. While cheaper than my current registrar (Moniker) for .COMs (.NETs are currently $6.64) I decided not to transfer the domains just to save a few dollars. I stayed with what’s been working.

If you’ve got some domain names you may be able top save some money if you renew them in the next week.