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There was news this week that Yahoo would be slimming down, both in people and products. On the product side only the Delicious announcement caused me to perk up. I use Delicious pretty extensively. Later there was a Delicious blog post saying that Delicious would live on outside of Yahoo, although details were lacking. Lifehacker, among others, posted alternatives to Delicious along with how to export the bookmarks. A lot of my Delicious bookmarks are cruft that I no longer need. Guess it’s time to clean them up, no matter what I do.

Dropbox left long-term beta and released Dropbox 1.0 (actually now 1.0.10). I found that my Dropbox client was still on version 0.7.110, which is pretty old. I downloaded and installed the latest version from the Dropbox website.

FlexRAID has been getting a lot of attention as a drive extender replacement for Windows Home Server v2. MSWHS has summary of why FlexRAID seems promising. I’m still heading down the Ubuntu Home Server path myself. In a couple months we should have a better idea of Microsoft’s commitment and plans for Vail.

Scott Hanselman has first hand experience as to why it’s so important to have a backup & recovery strategy.

I’m still trying to decide how to get media to my TV so I was happy to see Ars published their HTPC guide. Lifehacker’s popularity contest for Personal Media Streaming tools also provides a list of software for me to look at.

As someone who uses both Mac and Windows PCs and Ubuntu on servers it was interesting to read Harry McCracken’s Confessions of an Operating-System Agnostic.