Microsoft Live Search Not So Good When Looking for Microsoft Content

Images for this 9 year old article have been lost.

All the talk may be that Microsoft needs to buy Yahoo in order to bulk up enough compete with Google. Let’s hope they also work on basic search. When I updated my Windows Home Server I wanted to find the bulletin so I’d know what it did. I had the bulletin number from the log so I fired up IE and typed the number in the top right search box. I got four results, none a Microsoft site.

The first two results must have referenced the bulletin in the past. The pages contained multiple articles, but not about the update. The last two results were a little better. They linked to old blog pages but those pages still contained a “recent links” type link in the sidebar that brought me to a post about the patch. The site was in German, which I don’t read, but it wasn’t a Microsoft branded site. I later even tried telling Live to search just and it told me no results were found.


So I switched to Google and repeated the same search. The fifth result is the Microsoft support page. There is one thing that’s a mixed commentary on Google – my post about the update, made 15 minutes ago is now the second result. Google is certainly quick when processing blog updates, but it didn’t weigh the Microsoft Knowledge Base article about the update very high and my new post tops it. Eight results were returned. Not all are in the screenshot below, the Microsoft support article is the last item in the screenshot.


Maybe I should add Yahoo to that convenient search box. Yahoo tops both Google and Live by returning the MSKB articles at the top of the results.


OK, this hardly makes a conclusive case to damn MS Live Search, but if they buy Yahoo I hope they keep the Yahoo search algorithm.