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iPod Touch Is Back

Placard for Quick Bits - Gadget articlesIn my last Trail Log I mentioned that my iPad had taken over so many of my iPod Touch’s duties that I dug out my old iPod Nano to use as an audio player. That was short-lived as my iPod Touch is back as of last Saturday. It’s still used only as an audio player, not for any apps, but it’s back.

I figured the smaller Nano would be easier to carry with me and it is. But I found a few quirks in using it and I decided I couldn’t live with them.

My audio listening is usually Podcasts, music and audio books, in that order. Music sometimes drops to third place but at the moment it’s a daily event.

My Nano problems fell into two categories, both due to my listening habits.

  1. The iPod Nano doesn’t do playlists for Podcasts. I can create the playlists and the playlist names do show under “Music”, but they are empty. I find it annoying to have to start each Podcast, I’d rather listen straight through. This is especially important in the car as I don’t want to fumble with the iPod, especially one with a screen as small as the Nano. Most of the time I don’t have the player with me, it’s usually played through a stereo or Bluetooth headphones so it’s more than just pulling it out of my pocket.
  2. The Nano can’t hold my entire music library. For a long time I’ve been listening to my “Least Recently Played” iTunes playlists. This way I listen to the songs I haven’t heard in awhile. But my subconscious must make me want what I can’t have. As I’ve heard some songs they triggered a desire to listen to the entire album and the entire album hasn’t been in the Nano.

Now that the Nano is out of the drawer I may keep it available for the times I want something small, but otherwise the iPod is it. If the iPod Touch was to break or be lost I wouldn’t replace it with another Touch. I’d either switch to the Nano and deal with it’s shortcomings or but one of the iPod Classics with the nice big hard drive.