One Less Hard Drive Manufacturer

Image of a hard drive platter

Image of a hard drive platterI read today that Seagate finalized it’s purchase of Samsung’s hard drive business. I guess I either missed or forgot the original announcement. While I haven’t bought any hard drives since the flood inspired price hikes the Samsung 3 TB drives had been my recent favorites, with Samsung 2 TB drives before that. They ran cool, performed well enough in my server, and were low priced.

While Seagate obviously doesn’t produce garbage, my own experience with them is less than stellar. The ones that were oem drives in some device I bought have been fine. But when I’ve bought bare drives my personal failure rate is over 75% within the first couple weeks. Some were from that bad batch of 1.5 TB drivesthat required a BIOS upgrade while other were just DOA. So I soured in Seagate and have avoided them.

I’ve also bought some Hitachi drives when they were on sale. Despite having a bad reputation my own experience with them was good, although they tended to run warmer than other drives. Hitachi’s drives are being consumed by Western Digital.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens to prices with fewer manufacturers. On the other hand, magnetic drives are giving way to SSD’s which opens things up again.

Western Digital 3TB Caviar Green Drive

Western Digital announced a 3TB external drive awhile back, this week they announce a internal 3TB Caviar Green Drive. While I have  no need for the drive at this time I have to admit I’m curios.

As the reviews I link to at the end mention, there’s a 2.9TB barrier with most systems these days. Western Digital provides a controller board with the disk in order to get around the issue.

The bottom line is, review the pitfalls before spending your money. Or better yet, wait for others to clarify the pitfalls. I have to admit I’m curious and I’m looking for a way to justify buying one.

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