CA Gives Away Antivirus Software/USB Drive

I don’t know what it means CA thinks of their software but I’ve noticed that CA has been bundling their antivirus software with a 2GB USB drive and making it free after some rebates. As always, there’s some catches and hoops to go through.

Several retailers are offering a competitive upgrade rebate of $40 along with a general CA rebate of $10 which means the $50 bundle can be had for the cost of shipping and tax (if they apply). You have to be willing to go through the hassle of two mail-in rebates and you do have to pay $50 up front. The rebates I’ve seen run through the end of June.

The USB drive is a nice small drive that slides into a credit card sized holder that makes it easy to carry. At least that’s what the picture makes it look like. CA Antivirus software usually shows up in the middle of the pack when reviewed and has passed the VB100 tests on Windows for the past couple of years. I don’t have any personal experience using their software.

CA is also offering additional rebates on other products including competitive upgrade rebates that end up giving you a free product. CA is currently consolidating their brands such as eTrust and PestPatrol and it appears these rebates are only being offered on the “CA” brand products. At least they’re the ones being promoted. It also seems to indicate that they consider the antivirus market pretty mature and they need to take customers from their competitors. They probably hope to make some money from unclaimed or denied rebates and that people will renew when the subscription is up.

CA isn’t software I’ve used and I haven’t purchased the bundle myself, but if your interested and can’t find it locally, or just want more information, it’s available from Tiger direct at CA Anti-Virus 2007 with 2GB USB Flash Drive.

I’m a software junkie so I’ll probably keep an eye out on my local retailer and pick up a copy if I see it. The USB drive itself seems worth the minimal cost and hassle. So, is this something you’d take advantage of to get the USB drive? Would you use theire software because of the deal?