Synology DSM 4.3 Beta

Image of Synolog DiskStation 212j

I’m a fan and user of Synology, having three Diskstations in the house. A DS212j I use for testing, a DS212+ that I have SSD’s in and use it as my primary data device and to run Synology app,s and I have a DS1511+ which I use for backups, file archiving and as an iSCSI destination. I went ahead and upgraded my DS212j without any issues. I’ve always had good luck with Synology betas so I went ahead and upgraded the DS212+. While using beta software on a production NAS is pretty stupid I have that backed up multiple times and continuously. Plus the amount of data is relatively small so a restore from scratch isn’t a huge problem. My DS1511+ with over 12 TB of data won’t get upgraded until the final release has been out awhile.

The upgrade was straight-forward. The DS212+ has several apps installed so that took more of my time. Some apps didn’t start until they were also upgraded and others started, but had upgrades waiting. The complete list of apps that are incompatible are in the release notes and are: Photo Station, Audio Station, Video Station, and Media Server, AntiVirus by McAfee, and Antivirus Essential. The ones in bold are the ones that I have installed. All seemed to upgrade fine although I’ve yet to put them through their paces.

There are also updated iOS apps and DS File in now available in Windows Phone 8 (Yipee!!)

I’m not a fan of the Photo Station’s cosmetic changes but they may grow on me. The album sorting is not right but this may be a bug. My main complaint is with the iOS app. I can no longer zoom in on photos as much as I could. I can’t figure out exactly what level of zooming is available as it varies by photo, but it’s limited and less than the previous version. In the past I could zoom to 2x or even more. Zooming includes the gesture to expand the screen or double-taping the photo.  The iOS upgrade broke zooming even before the NAS upgrade.

Trim support was added for SSDs which I was excited about, until I saw my DS 212+ wasn’t a model it was supported on. The supported models and drives are in the release notes.

There’s a lot of new and fixed features, none jump out as anything I was personally waiting for, but still good stuff. The full scoop is in the release notes. I’ll post any issues I encounter in my normal use, I don’t plan on doing any specific testing, just normal day-to-day stuff.