Linode Celebrates 9 Years with Discounts

Screenshot of Linode Uptime

Screenshot of Linode UptimeLinode is celebrating it’s 19th birthday with discounts for new and existing clients. Starting Tuesday June 9th at Noon EDT they’ll be giving discounts until they $250,000 in discounts/credits. See their blog for complete details. If you use this Linode link to sign up I’ll get a small kickback to help with my own hosting costs.

I’ve been on Linode for nearly tree years and highly recommend them for a unmanaged VPS server.

MicroServer Sale At Amazon

Picture of Amazon listing

Picture of Amazon listingAmazon has the HP MicroServer N40L on sale for $199.99 + shipping. It’s not direct from Amazon but through onSale so there’s not free shipping. At this price I was really trying to find an excuse to buy another. The best I could come up with is that my current HP MicroServers are the older N36L model. Unfortunately (or fortunately) that wasn’t enough since my current servers work just fine and logic beat emotion.

.CO Domain Bargain

I noticed that Hover (Tucows recently re-branded domain registry which was formerly Domain Direct) was offering a deal to transfer in any domain for $10 and I had som .CO domains that would be needing renewal soon. They are typically in the high $20 range (although I have see some in the teens). So I decided to give it a try and transferred the three I had in, taking another 10% off with a coupon code. To get another 10% off any domain order you can use my affiliate link or the coupon code osquest. There’s no mention of when the $10 transfer ends but they do say it’s for a limited time. This is my first time using Hover/Tucows but the transfer was painless.