Browser Usage On TheOSQuest

BrowserUsageWith Internet Explorer 9 just released and Firefox 4 about to be unleashed I thought I’d take a look at browser usage on the OS Quest. This is as reported by Google Analytics. My own site access isn’t included in the totals.

Firefox leads the pack with 31.85% of my site visits being done with Firefox (over the last 30 days). Almost all these visitors were using a flavor of Firefox 3.6 but 2.63% of Firefox visitors were already on Firefox 4.

Internet Explorer is in second place with 23.52% of visitors. 2.24% of IE visitors have ignored Microsoft’s pleas to get off IE 6. But this is considerably less than the current estimate that 12.0% of the world is still on IE 6 (yikes!). But 9.67% of visitors using IE already have IE 9. I find that surprising since I don’t believe MS has done any pushes yet and I haven’t seen much about it beyond the usual tech suspects. This puts it only 1 percentage point behind IE 7 visitors. But 77.39% of IE users are using IE8.

Chrome brings 21.41% of my visitors. Being a Chrome fan myself I’ve been pleased to see that number grow over time. The versions are well distributed among various sub-versions of Chrome 8, 9 & 10. I find the spread of versions interesting since Google does the silent auto-update that’s not easy to disable. (Well, not easy to find how to disable it.) About 1/4 of Chrome visitors are on OS X.

Safari has dropped to 4th place, falling just behind Chrome with 20.47% of the share. What’s shocking is that 1.4 % of the Safari users have Safari on Windows. About 13% of the Safari users were from various I-devices.

Chrome went above Safari in October 2010 and stayed there. But since October 2010 only Chrome and Safari have increased their share as both IE and Firefox have been used by fewer visitors since then, with Firefox losing almost 5 percentage points.  IE only lost a point.

As for operating systems – in October 2010 64% of visitors arrived using Windows while 23.81% were on a Mac. Linux was 9.8% in third place and the iPad was 4th with 1.27%. Nothing else topped 1%. In the last 30 days Windows has dropped a bit to 62.1% while Macs have popped over 4 points to 28.04%. Linux plummeted to 5.67%. The iPad grew to 1.99% while the iPhone broke 1% and is at 1.12%.

One final observation – IE is barely in first place among Windows users at 23.45% while Firefox is at 21.5% and Chrome has 14.72% of Windows users. So at least among my visitors, the majority of Windows people are seeking out replacements for Internet Explorer. Good Work! Although IE 9 is getting positive reviews and buzz (I have yet to install it myself) so maybe that trend will change.

As for my own browser usage – I had been a long time Firefox user but a few months ago I switched to Chrome for it’s speed (both performance and a UI I find faster to use) along with ease of syncing bookmarks and configuration among PCs. Plus the incognito mode was great for running multiple mail accounts. But I recently moved back to Firefox for many sites as Chrome causes a conflict with Text Expander for me on the Mac and has some problems with a few sites I use.

While I don’t have any excitement for IE 9, I’ll be giving Firefox 4 a spin when it’s released in a couple days. Because of my Chrome issues Firefox 4 has a chance of breaking my Chrome habit.

Anybody switched browsers recently? Anyone considering switching due to one of the new releases?