Links: PC Monitoring, Benchmarking & Testing

Having just built a new Windows Home Server and doing some PC upgrades I’ve updated and refreshed my PC monitoring utilities and resources. These are links for tools and sites I find useful.

CoreTemp – Displays information about the CPU, down to the per core level in most cases. As the name implies, it’s primary purpose is to display and monitor the CPU temperature. Can display a notification or shut down the machine if the CPU reaches a predefined temperature. Check the Add Ons page for a Windows gadget and more.

AMD Utilities – System utilities and drives for AMD cpu’s and gpu’s.

ATTO Disk Benchmark Utility – I like this for benchmarking hard drives.

CPUID – makes of CPU-Z (cpu/memory/graphics info and more), HW Monitor (displays temp, power and other hardware info), PCWizard (more system information), PerfMonitor and TMonitor.

CPU-Tweaker and MemSet – two utilities for changing CPU or memory settings. I haven’t used these yet but have put them aside for future explorations.

GLINT – System activity monitor. I’m not a fan of the interface but there’s no installation required.

GPU-Z – Video Card/GPU information utility

HDTune – Hard Disk for benchmarking and monitoring. I use the free version (which is different than the trial for HD Tune Pro).

Hitachi Hard Drive Utilities – If you have a Hitachi hard drive you’ll probably want at least one download from this page.

Iometer Project – interesting open source software that I’ve yet to explore.

MemTest86 – Stand alone memory test for x86 architecture computers.

PassMark Software sells software for benchmarking and system testing. They do have som free utilities available for download. Their website also has numerous benchmarking charts and comparisons collected from people running their software on real systems. Useful for seeing how that component I’m about to buy stacks up against it’s competitors.

Prime95 – Commonly used to stress test a system.

Process Explorer – From Microsoft but written by Mark Russinovich of SysInternals fame. Displays a multitude of information about running processes.

SpeedFan – Monitors voltages, temperatures and fan speeds in systems with the necessary sensors.

The following links are to commercial software although there are limited use trial versions available.

Lavalys Everest is a benchmarking and system analysis program. It’s not free but there is a eval version. Also see the next entry for AIDA64.

AIDA64 is a benchmarking and system analysis program I came across recently. It’s not free but there is a limited eval version that I’ll be checking out. Aida was started by some of the same people who created Everest. This software is newer than Lavalys Everest and seems better supported at this time.

SiSoftware – maker of SiSoftware Sandra – System Analyzer,  Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant.

I find the following sites useful:

AnandTech – Hardware news, test and reviews.

JohnnyGuru – I used this site primarily for power supply info, but they also review other PC components.

Thermaltake Power Supply Calculator – there are others, but this is the one I use when I need to size a power supply.

Tom’s Hardware – Hardware news, tests and reviews

Any utilities or sites that I missed or that you’d recommend? Leave a comment. I’ll also update this list if I come across any new links of interest.