The OS Quest Trail Log #16:

I decided it was time to move out of Adobe LightRoom (which I’d be running under a eval license key) and back into Aperture. I found LightRoom easier to use, especially to organize photos, but there’s no way I could justify the $299 price. Since I already have Aperture there’s really no price for which I could justify the purchase.

I figured I’d export from LightRoom and import into Aperture. But I ran into problems exporting from LightRoom even though I told LightRoom to export the original files. I figured this would be more a copy than an export. But several images that had been imported as JPEGs were corrupted when exported. When viewed in Finder the file name and preview image were another file which made me think it was a LightRoom database or export problem. The images worked fine in Lightroom. So I imported the files directly from their location on the disk. I ended up using Smart Folders to get the files for each category I wanted and them importing into Aperture in groups so I could tag them during importing. Tedious but at least I didn’t have a lot of files in LightRoom.

But Aperture wasn’t without it’s problems either. The app crashed several times and pinwheeled a couple of others. I was at the latest version of Aperture and LightRoom and had all the Leopard patches. Both the LightRoom and Aperture libraries have always been excluded from Time Machine backups. All-in-all it was an unpleasant several hours for what I expected to take an hour at most.

Then there were additional frustrations with my Airport Extreme Base Station. Others have reported problems with drives connected to the base stations. But then I started the Airport utility and it didn’t show any drives connected. So I rebooted the base station and the drive appeared in the Airport Utility and in Finder. But then things got worse when I tried deleting some files from the drive. At that point I lost the Base Station completely, including Wireless and Internet. Starting the Airport Utility froze up Finder and the Airport Utility itself. Force quit didn’t work but I was able to shutdown the iMac and then I power cycled the base station. Long story short, the drive didn’t always appear and when it did the base station would freeze up whenever I tried to access the drive, even after trying a different cable and drive. It worked at one time, just not today. I don;t remember using it since the 10.5.1 update although I might have. In a related matter, updates to my Apple TV via wireless through the base station had appeared to be slow. After the base station reboot they were about 10 times faster.

Software Updates

Firefox was updated to version on Nov. 26th and version on Nov. 30th. The first update contained security fixes while the update on the 30th was released to address website incompatibilities introduced in the previous release.

Econ Technologies released ChronoSync version 3.3.6 that contains Leopard related enhancements and bug fixes. I use ChronoSync to copy files between my Macs.

Skype has released a beta version of their software that’s Leopard compatible. I’ll stick with the old version for now. Except for the firewall problems it’s been working fine for me. I prefer the known problems to the unknowns of a beta.

I’m disappointed that there hasn’t been a Leopard compatible update for SuperDuper! but they been updating the progress on their blog and are making progress.

News & Links

Apple – Support – Discussions – BIG issues with 10.4x software update … – It appears the OS X 10.4.11 update doesn’t play well with Boot Camp. At least in some cases. Apple keyboards and keyboard mapping in Windows XP – Map of Apple keyboard to Windows. Apple Boot Camp beta expires Dec. 31 – The Apple Boot Camp beta will officially expire at the end of this year. TimeMachineScheduler – Freeware that provides a bit more control over Time Machine in Leopard. via

Official Google Reader Blog: Attack of the interns: recommendations and drag-and-drop – Google Reader adds Drag-and-Drop and feed discovery features. Discovery uses your web browsing history along with your current feeds. Business Center: Did Microsoft’s Security Focus Hurt Vista Adoption? – Interesting take on MS emphasis on security in Vista.

TUAW.COM: Mac 101: Drag and drop in the Application Switcher – Useful tip for leopard users. Google Gadgets in your OS X Dashboard – I don’t use Google Gadgets or Desktop so it isn’t something I care about. But the next version of Google Desktop will all us to run Google Gadgets in the OS X dashboard. IconGrabber: easy icon extraction – Great little Quicksilver plugin for those of us with the need. There’s also a standalone app for those who don’t use Quicksilver. Even Microsoft Execs Are Confused About ‘Vista Capable’ Claims – Microsoft marketing is even too complicated for its own executives. Yahoo Merchants Toasted By Monday Outage – Yahoo Merchant Solutions suffered outages on “cyber Monday”. Oops Anacron for MacOS – runs daily, weekly and monthly tasks if they were missed because the mac was off or asleep. Updated for Leopard. Freeware. – Expand Your Photography with Specialty Lenses – Good overview of various lens types and how than can be used. Windows XP to get a significant performance boost with SP3? – One of several articles about claims that XP SP3 will offer a significant speed improvement of SP2. While Vista SP1 won’t be speeding things up. WaterRoof ipfw firewall frontend – IPFW firewall frontend for Mac OS X with a GUI interface. Open-source & Freeware. Windows and OS X Software Alternatives – A search site to locate Linux aleternatives to Windows and OS X software. Via Kindle can light up your life – Andy Ihnatko likes the Kindle but not because he likes eBooks. Google Plans Service to Store Users’ Data – Wall Street Journal is reporting (without official Google confirmation) that Google is still working on their online storage offering and “could be released as early as a few months from now…”