1Password Updated for Safari 3.1

Agile Web Solutions as updated 1Password so it now works with Safari 3.1. Safari 3.1 and improved Palm support seem to be the big changes in this release. But there’s a longer list of enhancements, changes and bug fixes in the version history.

The update is available through 1Password’s internal software update feature or as a direct download.

I installed through software update without a problem on my Intel Macs running OS X 10.5.2. I visited a few websites with Safari 3.1 and didn’t have any problems. No reboot is needed but browsers do have to be restarted after the update.

Having to get an update to work with a new version of Safari highlights the main problem with input managers like 1Password. While it may look like the Safari update breaks 1Password it’s more a case of 1Password using unsupported hacks to accomplish their task since there’s no direct API.

1Password 2.5.10 (Build 6102) Released

Agile Web Solutions has released version 2.5.10 of 1Password (for Mac) just 6 days after releasing version 2.5.9. It appears the feature that justified this release was

Added support for login via iPhone bookmarklet.

The change log does list another 3 fixes and 9 changes. No reboot is needed but all browsers need to be restarted before they’ll use the updated 1Password.

Yesterday I complained about Apple releasing updates for different apps close together but not quit together. But this is even worse. A single vendor who distributes two updates within a week. Something that’s usually indicates a bad update that needs to be fixed quickly and in this case there is one fix that indicates it was a new bug in the last version.