Synology Releases DSM 5.1-5004 Update 2

Twenty three days after the official release of DSM 5.1 Synology has released an update.

Version : 5.1-5004 Update 2

Fixed Issues:

  1. Fixed an issue that could cause a false alarm in Security Advisor after upgrading to DSM 5.1-5004 Update 1.
  2. Fixed an issue where Firewall rules did not apply correctly.
  3. Fixed a security issue that could allow remote attackers to cause a denial of service via a crafted ECC certificate or certificate signing requests (CVE-2014-8564).
  4. Enhanced HA stability on system updates.
  5. Fixed an issue where DS213+ and DS413 could fail to execute scheduled tasks after entering system hibernation.
  6. Fixed the send-mail function in PHP.
  7. Fixed an issue where packages failed to start or users were unable to install packages on entry models.
  8. Fixed an issue where CGI cannot be executed in Web Station.
  9. Fixed an issue where DSM mobile was not correctly displayed on Chrome v39 on mobile devices.
  10. Fixed an issue where installation of digitally-signed packages could fail on EDS14.
  11. Improved QuickConnect mechanism on complex network environment.
  12. Fixed an issue where scheduled power-off function could fail to execute when DSM Auto Update was enabled.
  13. Fixed an issue where false warning could display in System Health on Play-series.
  14. Fixed “Customzie PHP open_basedir” function to accept directories that have not been created.
  15. Enhanced security on SSH/Telnet connections.
  16. Fixed an issue where EDS14 could fail to apply updates.

The update is available through automatic update in control panel. Like all firmware updates a reboot is required.

DSM Control Panel showing available update

The update took less than 10 minutes each on my DS415+ NAS, DS212J and DS212+.

1 thought on “Synology Releases DSM 5.1-5004 Update 2”

  1. I am a big fan of Synology’s products and have been successfully using several models since 2011

    However I am very concerned about performance issues with the new DSM 5.1.
    For unknown reasons, the update to 5.1 dramatically slows down the file transfers and user access to the NAS. Backups that used to be able to run in parallel (USB and Network) are now sequential and at a slower transfer rate and do not complete in time before the next work day. These then seem to impact network port congestion and user login and experience – only solution is a reboot.

    For those still on DSM 4.3 or perhaps DSM 5.0 you may want to pause on the DSM 5.1 update until the slowdown issue is resolved.

    Frustrating indeed!

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