Synology Releases DiskStation Manager 5.1

Synology feature image tile - blackSynology DiskStation Manager 5.1 (DSM 5.1) has left beta and has been released by Synology. I’ve upgraded three of my Synology NAS’s and all three had a nearly problem free upgrade process. One was upgraded from DSM 5.0 (DS415+) and the other two (DS212+, DS212J) were upgraded from the DSM 5.1 beta.

There are a couple of screens that prompt for information after the firmware upgrade itself. The first asks you how you want the automatic upgrades delivered and installed. It defaults to automatic downloads and installations.

The second screen allows you to consolidate the various Synology services under MyDS. MyDS is Synology’s online service that provides QuickConnect and Dynamic DNS functionality. This can now be managed from a application on your Synology NAS. It now also keeps track of package purchases which is new (at least to me) along with your email subscriptions. This wizard failed for me but I’m not doing Dynamic DNS or QuickConnect through Synology but I do have a MyDS account so that may be the reason. After the upgrade I simply went into the App and entered my MyDS account information.

There’s a lot of new features and enhancements in DSM 5.1. The number of visible enhancements and changes probably would have allowed Synology to call this version 6.

I’m especially looking forward to Note Station. With some recent changes to Evernote I’m looking to get my note taking app under my complete control. I am a heavy Evernote user and don’t expect Note Station to match it on a feature for feature basis even for the subset of features I use. But my initial impression is it may give me the bulk of what I want for Evernote. I’ve got more testing & evaluation to do (first up being a test of a Note Station backup and restore) but I’m optimistic.

Cloud Sync now supports Microsoft OneDrive which is important to me. There’s more control overall as to what file types are Synced and it seems more reliable that the older Cloud Sync. I would sometimes find the occasional file wouldn’t sync to my NAS and couldn’t figure out why. This seems to have gone away in the beta. If a file didn’t sync it was because it wasn’t of a type set to sync.

File Station, Music Station and Video Station enhancements are relatively minor but add some very nice features. My main complaint about Video Station remains the inability to backup the database through the native tools. If the Photo Station and Note Station databases can be backed up through the built-in backup why can’t Video Station? This keeps me from adding my own metadata to organize videos in Video Station since I could lose it all. Synology has expanded what can be backed up through the built-in backup. Although I must admit that if it was really important I could probably find the database and back it up through a terminal connection.

The full release notes are here. Synology lists release notes by model so these are for my DS1511+ but I’ve found that the release notes are the same across DiskStation models and they also contain enhancements specific to other models.

I recently upgraded my main Synology NAS to a new DS415+. This was so new that the beta software wasn’t available for it. I’m happy that I can now upgrade it and begin to take advantage of DSM 5.1.

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