Mac OS X

Maestro Monday: Start Scanner App

Keyboard Maestro can start and stop software based on a USB device connection. Here’s how I use that ability with my scanner.

I hate having software running when it’s not needed. I also hate always having to manually start and stop software based on some often repeated action.

I recently bought a ScanSnap scanner and the ScanSnap manager needs to run whenever I want to scan. Using Keyboard Maestro’s ability to react to USB devices being connected or disconnected I was able to manage this automatically rather than leaving the software always running, or having to manually run it. What’s cool is that the ScanSnap S1300i turns on when the cover is opened (and shuts off when it’s closed) and Keyboard Maestro sees the on/off as the connection (or disconnection) based on the cover opening and closing. It’s not the actual cable connection being detected.

Hint: Activate the USB device when setting up the trigger and it will put the name of the newly connected device into the name field.

Start ScanSnap Manager

Keyboard Maestro Macro to start ScanSnap Manager

Stop ScanSnap Manager

Keyboard Maestro Macro to stop ScanSnap Manager