OS X Update 10.9.4

Apple release a Mavericks update today – OS X 10.9.4 today. While this update ended up being problem free for my Mac Mini, it had it’s scary moments. The update failed to display anything on my screen after the reboot for what seemed like eternity, but was probably more like 90 seconds to two minutes. Then it intermittently began to display what looked like the Apple logo but mostly shifted off screen, this lasted for another minute or two. Finally it displayed the typical updating message. The progress bar moved in spurts, rather than smoothly.

But eventually it finished and my Mac Mini seems normal.

When I went to update my MacBook Pro this evening the download was so slow, estimates alternated between 8 and 10 hours for the 283MB download, that I canceled it. So my laptop remains unpatched.

The update contains a startup screen fix. While I’d never seen it before, maybe this was the problem I saw, or the fix being applied. It also contain a wi-fi fix although I haven’t had any wi-fi connectivity problems. Safari was also update to version 7.0.5 and there’s a wake from sleep fix.

There’s not the typical “additional stability fixes and updates” clause and this update was quit small, only 283MB for me. The security bulletin doesn’t list anything for this update although since this bulletin usually lags behind the update it’s hard to know if it’s a lack of content or just the usual delay. Although no doubt Safari has security fixes.

Screenshot of the 10.9.4 update

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