Mac OS X

Maestro Monday: Syncing Macros

Keyboard Maestro is ready for multiple Macs and can sync macros between them.

I have two Macs, a Mac Mini desktop and a laptop. Keyboard Maestro makes it easy to sync Macros between these two Macs. You’ll need a syncing service such as Dropbox. There’s no technical or compatibility requirements, it’s just a simple file sync. I use Cloud Station from my Synology NAS.

To set up Syncing first pick the Mac that has all the Macros that you want to sync. Start the Keyboard Maestro editor and pick File -> Start Syncing Macros… from the menu.

Syncing setup dialogFor the first Mac select “New”. For future Macs select “Open Existing…”. The difference is fairly obvious. For “Create New…” you’ll pick the sync file location and the existing macros will be saved to it. For “Open Existing” you’ll browse to the existing file. For “Open Existing” all existing macros will be replaced with the ones in the sync file.

That’s all there is to it, syncing will occur automatically. Syncing, in my experience, is nearly immediate and does not wait for a new macro to be completed.

Since there are differences between my two Macs I don’t want every macro to run on them both. While the macro can be written to recognize the computer it can run on, the easiest way is to create macro groups and disable the group for the Mac it should ignore.

Macro group settings screenshot