Maestro Monday: Unmount Backup Drive

Last week I shared my macro for automatically mounting drives. This one also deals with drives but this time is to unmount (disconnect them).

I use SuperDuper! to clone my drives to an external USB drive as a bootable backup. SuperDuper! can schedule a backup to occur when a drive is connected to the Mac. But this leaves the USB drive mounted when the backup finishes. I wanted to completely automate the process so all I had to do was connect the USB drive to start and disconnect it when it was done.

To do this SuperDuper! must be configured to quit when the backup is done.

Screenshot of SuperDuper settings

A short Apple Script is also needed for this and will be the following script with “BackupDrive” replaced with the external drive name as it appears in the Finder sidebar.

tell application "Finder"
    eject "BackupDrive"
end tell

I have one script that covers all my Macs and all the external drives I use for backups. The script unmounts any drives it find mounted when SuperDuper quits.

Here’s the Keyboard Maestro script.

The Keyboard Maestro script


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