Recommended Utility: Contacts Cleaner for OS X

In a recent quest to get organized I decided to clean up my contacts. This is always scary for me since I usually delete something or worse, not notice some of this info is wrong or deleted. So before doing anything I made backups of all my contacts book.

Since I’m organizing my PC life around a Mac, and no longer trying to co-exist between Windows and OS X I decided to consolidate my contact information to OS X Contacts (formerly Address Book). My contacts were spread out between Contacts, People in and Google Mail. Since I have an iOS device it was pretty simple to move all my contacts to OS X Contacts. But this did create some duplicates. Plus I had multiple entries with badly formatted data.

Contact Cleaner from Spanning Sync Inc. is a $5 app available from the Mac App Store. I don’t really want all my contacts in screenshots so they’re limited but the screen shot below shows the type of problems Contact Cleaner will find. You can turn off the scan for any problems you don’t want Contact Cleaner to fix.

Screenshot showing the problems that can be foundI had a lot of duplicates and businesses not set to display as a company. I also had a lot of badly formatted phone numbers but for me this was less of a concern.

The screenshot below shows the screen that displays after the scan is done.

Screenshot of contact cleaner resultsI have the option of having the app automatically fix all conflicts, I can process them one by one, or I can open Contacts to deal with it.

Contacts Cleaner is one of those utilities which performs the biggest benefit the first day it is run so there’s no demo. After that first run there are fewer problems to find (hopefully). But it earned the $5 the first day I used it since it saved me so much time.


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