We’ve Moved In

The OS Quest is up a running on it’s new host, WordPress.com. If you’re on the site you should see a red “The OS Quest” in the header when your on the site.

If you subscribed via RSS the feed should still work and if you see this post in your RSS reader then it does still work.

Mail subscribers will have been dropped, with my apologies, I could transfer them out of Feedburner since you need to opt-in. You can subscribe by hitting the link over on the right.

Some photos from older posts have broken links. I’m working on fixing these. If you come across any in an article your trying to read let me know and I’ll fix those links asap.

The “featured image” feature of WordPress is used differently in this theme. This causes some ugliness in some posts which I’m also working on cleaning up. Going forward things will be much cleaner.

I know things have been slow the last few months on The OS Quest but I should have more frequent updates in the near future.

Thanks for being an OS Quest Reader.

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