It’s Alive! And Moving

After gathering cobwebs for several months I’m planning to resuscitate this site. As part of that I’ll be moving to a new web host and finally moving off of feedburner. I’ll be moving things this coming Friday February 21st.

To RSS and EMail Subscribers

The move off of feedburner means many of you that read this site through an RSS reader may get orphaned and need to resubscribe. I’ve used the non-Feedburner RSS link for awhile so many of you many not have a problem, but early on I did go all in with Feedburner. I will use the permanent redirection feature which should maintain your feed, but Feedburner has been wonky for a long time now and I wouldn’t count on it. I suggest (and appreciate) looking at the subscription options below and picking one to subscribe after Feb 22nd.

The E-Mail subscriptions will be removed. While E-Mail subscriptions will be available after the move I can’t move them and prove you opted-in. Besides, it’s been so long since there’s been a post that a E-Mail from a unfamiliar address may seem like spam. E-Mail subscriptions will be available after the site is moved. My apologies to those who’ll be cut off.

If you already follow me on Twitter there isn’t any change.

Subscription Options

You can subscribe to this site using any of the following methods.

RSS at

Twitter at

Google+ at The Google Plus feed is also where I aggregate everything. So you will see posts from other blogs along with non-Tech posts. The feed currently has a fountain pen flavor since that’s where my activity has been.

An email subscription will be available after the move. I don’t want to make it available before the move because I don’t want to end up spamming you by accident during the move.

Why The Changes?

In word: Simplification

While I like maintaining my own VPS server and tinkering with WordPress, the never-ending update cycle takes too much of my time on a schedule I can’t control. So I’m moving over to where they’ll host the site and handle all the updates. I just need to worry about content.

This is certainly less flexible, but it should work well for me. I set up a new site on over a year ago. I had been screwing around tweaking design and features when I finally said “screw it” and set it up on I kept it simple so I could move to self-hosted down the road. Instead I’ve found I liked it and I’m moving my self-hosted sites to

The stars also aligned to make this a good time to do it. My VPS contract expired in January and it was time for a major OS upgrade to the VPS server. While fun, it’s extremely time consuming. After all, upgrading an server OS also means reviewing the configuration and software used and then reviewing the abilities of the new OS and making changes as needed.

Also on the horizon is a conflict between a WordPress upgrade and the theme I used. I use a lot of customization in the theme and it’s been stable for a long time. I don’t know when, but I have this feeling it will bite me soon.

I hope I’ll see you on the new site.

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