Google Reader Dies Tomorrow

Google shuts down Google Reader tomorrow, July 1st.

There’s been a lot of web chatter about replacements and Feedly seems to be winning the public relations race. Personally, I went with FeedBin.

FeedBin is a paid service, $2/mth or $20/yr. I consider this a benefit since the cost is upfront and not hidden behind a “free” business plan. FeedBin supports Google Reader keyboard shortcuts and posts can be starred the same way as in Google Reader. All my sharing sites are supported which is another benefit. There is support for several iOS apps, but I’m sticking to its web interface. The web interface is a little rough on my Windows Phone but otherwise it’s easy enough for me to use.

I had planned to move this site off Feedburder at the same time Google Reader died and just take one big hit to the RSS subscription count. But I fell behind so I’m still on FeedBurner. The link at the top of this site doesn’t use the Feedburner specific URL so it will survive when I eventually do move off.

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