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Nokia Lumia 928One of the primary uses of my iPhone is to play various types of audio – podcasts, audio books, and music. So when moving from the iPhone 4S to the Nokia Lumia 928 I want to keep these functions. I’ll break down current state of these three areas for me and cover audio in general at the end.


Let’s start with the worst of Windows Phone audio abilities. I use Downcast on my iPhone and it works great. I automatically download new episodes of podcasts I’ve subscribed to and they get added to playlists which are further sorted. It also supports playback at faster speeds. Downcast is by no means the only iOS podcast app with these abilities. Instacast is a competitor.

Nothing on Windows Phone even comes close. I’ve tried a couple apps: “Podcast” and “Slapdash” which are both free. I’ve had issues with both, even for the basic stuff like subscriptions and playback. Neither approaches the podcast management of Downcast so I haven’t aggressively looked for work-arounds or fixes.

My iPhone remains my podcast player. Hopefully things will improve for podcasts on the Windows Phone front. I paid for downcast and I’m willing to pay for a podcast app on Windows Phone. But none of the ones I’ve tried are worth paying for. And the remaining ones in the Microsoft store don’t seem to come close either.

Audio books

While podcast apps are the bottom of the barrel on Windows Phone, audio books have risen to the top. For me, audio books mean Audible and this completely meets my needs on Windows Phone. The Windows Phone does not support all the iOS features but luckily it has all the ones I want. Whispersync doesn’t work on Windows Phone. While the ability to sync playback locations between devices, or an eBook, sound like something I’d want the reality is I never used them on iOS after the initial curiosity wore off. The WP Audible  app only support playback at normal speeds. Because I like the “performance” of most narrators I only use normal speed.

The only repeatable issue I had was some playback glitches when I was downloading additional books at the same time. The playback would stop and jump to an earlier, random chapter.

There was one time where the Audible book lost track of where I was and started over from the beginning. This only happened once while listening to one 8 hour book. I would also have similar problems with the Audible app on iOS so this is hardly unique. Hopefully it remains rare.

Overall I’m very pleased with the Audible app.


I don’t use iTunes for music anymore, not on the iPhone either, so I’m already past the biggest hurdle. I’ve been using Synology Audio Station for my music along woth storing all my songs in Amazon Cloud Player.

There is a Synology music app for Windows Phone. But as I’m learning, it’s features aren’t on par with the iOS app. Songs can’t be stored locally on Windows Phone although they could be with the iOS app.  In addition, Quick Connect doesn’t work. Dynamic DNS and port forwarding can be used but Quick Connect is easier to set up. But my music on Synology NAS are ripped at a high bitrate so they’re fairly large files, I don’t really want to be streaming them over my cellular connection since I do have usage quotas.

There isn’t an Amazon player for Windows Phone. I did try the web player but that didn’t actually play the songs. So Amazon Cloud Player wasn’t an option.

I prefer audio books and podcasts when I’m out of the house so the lack of local music isn’t a big issue for me. I decided to go with Pandora for those times I do want mobile music. When installing the app I found Pandora is offering ad free streaming through 2013 for Windows Phone app users. It’s still streaming over cellular, but it will use less data than the songs on my Synology NAS.

I gave XBox music a try back when I got my Surface RT. I wasn’t at all impressed with it so haven’t given it a try on Windows Phone. A music subscription doesn’t appeal to me.

So music falls in between podcasts and audio books. It’s not as terrible as podcasts but it doesn’t have all the features I want like the Audible app.

I can always move songs to the phone manually but I’m not the type who wants to put that much effort into managing my music. I might load it up before heading out on a vacation but that’s about it.

Audio In General

Back of the Nokia Lumia 928My iPhone earbuds (the older style from the iPhone 4S) work OK for music and audio. The microphone and phone buttons don’t work. The Nokia Lumia 928 doesn’t come with earbuds. So far I haven’t  needed any but I’ll probably pick up a pair if I find some at a good price.

Bluetooth connectivity to my Jambox speaker worked well for all audio. It also worked as a speaker phone.

The phone speaker is on the back, towards the botom of the phone. The location works well. I can put it in the cup holder of my car and it gets some good reverberation so it’s easy to hear. It’s great for podcasts, audio books and GPS turn-by-turn directions. The power adapter plugs into the top of the phone which is also ideal for cup holder placement.

Overall the Nokia Lumia 928 Windows Phone is a capable replacement for my iPhone 4S when it comes to audio. Podcast handling need to be improved greatly but audio books and music are OK.

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  1. Give BringCast a try for the podcasts. I listen to several each day. My old phone was Palm (WebOS) and had a great app called DrPodder. Being used to that, I was initially very disappointed in WP podcast apps and tried almost all of them.

    I settled on BringCast — it’s not quite as robust as DrPodder but it comes close and meets most of my needs.

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