Free Server Upgrade!

When I logged onto my Linode control panel today I noticed a “Free Upgrade Pending” notice. Much to my surprise I found that Linode has been doing a bunch of upgrades. This one was to double my RAM size, from 512 MB to 1 GB of RAM. Although it wasn’t exactly free, they got rid of that habit of ending prices in .95’s. So the monthly price got bumped a nickel to the even dollar amount.

The estimate was that my upgrade would take 19 minutes. Linode provides this estimate prior to the request to enter the upgrade queue so I can decide if I have the time. The reality was it took about 11 minutes from when I clicked upgrade to when it was back online. There wasn’t anyone in the queue ahead of me, if there was my server would have stayed up until it was my turn.

I’m also on hardware that now has 8 cores. Nice! If only I didn’t have to share them.

Screenshot of CPUs on host


I still haven’t gone in and modified my app settings to take advantage of the memory. I’ll have to think about how I want to use it since my server really doesn’t get stressed. I may be better off increasing my PHP cache so more PHP code can be cached in memory rather than simply increasing Apache or MYSQL capability. Back when I was first learning and tuning the Opcode cache I found that eventually the available memory would file up and it would start swapping stuff out so I cut back on what got cached. I may have enough memory now.

I’ve been busy recently, unable to tend to my sites, and I’ve been considering if I should look for a managed alternative for this site (or something like Squarespace) but I really like to have hands on. It just annoying when I don’t have time to go hands on. Plus, problems always occur at the most inopportune time And then something like this comes along and I get excited. Yea, I know. It’s just more RAM that this site doesn’t really need. But hey, I still get excited.

There’s been some pockets of site downtime recently. Don’t blame the server, it’s been me. I’ve been tinkering and some changes have required server reboots or full restarts of Apache. I’ve done it when traffic is low, but apologizes if you got caught in a reboot.

Linode has been writing about the upgrades on their blog (which I didn’t notice until today, bad me). If you want to try Linode I’ll get a small kickback if you sign up through this link or use the referral code: a6b0ae3bcb8e5d87840c56fac5965e763d4363d4 on the signup form. A bare server OS isn’t suitable for everyone, but I’ve been a happy customer since December 2009. If your already a Linode customer be sure to go in upgrade when you get a chance, it’s only a nickel.

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