Dropping Feedburner on July 1st

Feedburner has been suffering from neglect for what seems like years.  I’ve decided that July 1, 2013 will be a good time to cut the Feedburner connection for my RSS feed. That’s when Google shutters Google Reader which will no doubt cause a decrease in subscribers and some chaos all by itself. I’m going with the native WordPress RSS feed, rather than be at the mercy of another service again.

I already updated the RSS subscription link on the top of this blog so you can update your subscription if you’re already a subscriber (Thanks!). Or just click this link https://osquest.com/feed which is the new RSS link. I haven’t picked a new email subscription service yet so that link is unchanged. Sorry for the annoyance of having to re-subscribe, but I figure a Feedburner death is inevitable and it adds no value to this website since it’s frequently broken.

Alternately you can follow me on Twitter, also linked at the top of this page.



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