Synology NAS: UPS Sharing

I recently found myself down one UPS and needing to re-arrange my computer/NAS setup. Based on where I wanted to put my Windows Home Server and two Synology NAS’s I only had the convenience of two nearby outlets. For a third UPS I’d need some long cables which isn’t the best idea. A little digging and I found I could have one NAS tell the other when power went out and trigger a shutdown if it stayed down. It was surprisingly easy and didn’t require any network capable UPS.

Here’s what I have:

  • Synology 1511+ with one expansion bay running DSM 4.2 and with a static IP address
  • Synology 212+ NAS running DSM 4.2 and with a static IP address
  • CyberPower 1500 AVR with a USB cable for NAS to UPS communication and enough battery backup power outlets for both NAS’s and the ethernet switch they share.
  • The ethernet switch is located in the same place as the Synology boxes.

Setting It Up

  1. Hook up one NAS to the UPS normally. I picked the Synology 1511+ for this. Hook the communication cable to the UPS.
  2. Enable the UPS in Control Panel -> Hardware  then the UPS tab. Check Enable UPS Support then pick the shutdown delay you want. I prefer short  waits, just make sure the UPS will have enough juice for both NAS’s. Do NOT check “Shutdown UPS when system enters safe mode” unless you are absolutely sure your other NAS will be shut down before this NAS enters safe mode. I do not use this setting.
    Screenshot showing UPS settingsYou may want to save this and verify the UPS is working. But I’ll move on.
  3. Check “Enable network UPS server”
    Screenshot showing network UPS setting
  4. Click the permitted disk stations button and enter the IP address of the other NAS(es) that will share the UPS. It is strongly recommended that all these NAS’s have their power plugged into this same UPS and that they all use the same ethernet switch (or hub) and that it also be plugged into this UPS.
    Screenshot showing all network settings
  5. Click OK to save everything and move on to the remote UPS. In my case a Synology 212+.
  6. Make sure that the NAS is does not have a data cable connected to a UPS. Go to Control Panel -> Hardware and the UPS tab.
  7. Check enable UPS support.
    Select “Synology UPS Server” as the type
    Enter the IP address of the NAS UPS server (the one we set up above).
    Select the amount of time to wait before entering safe node.
    Screenshot showing remote UPS settingsClick OK to save everything.

As previously mentioned both NAS’s and the ethernet switch they share should be plugged into the same UPS. If the network connection goes down the remote UPS will not get the power loss notifications if the switch doesn’t have power.

This blog has been gathering cobwebs all year. It nice to get back into writing. Hope this was helpful.

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  1. Worked most excellently! I used this technique to share a Tripplite SU1500XL between my older DS209 and my new DS213+. It would not work with the ups connected to the usb port on the 209, so i switched it to the 213+ and voila! The ds213+ detected the ups, i set the server up as Ray instructed, then went back to the 209 and it picked it up via the server interface. The 209 is using DSM 2.3-1157, so it could be the older dsm version didn’t pick up the usb feed, or perhaps the usb port is flaky on the 209. i guess it’s time to update the dsm version on the 209.

    Thanks, Ray!

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