OS Quest Trail Log

The OS Quest Trail Log #79: Year End Edition

fireworksDecember was a slow month on the quest, so this will be a quick recap. And yes, technically this will be posted at the beginning, not end of a year. But I’m running behind.

I installed Windows 8 earlier in December. I haven’t written about it yet, other than a short review of the new monitor. The short version is that Windows 8 isn’t perfect, but I do like it a lot.

I’m still looking to make iTunes a distant memory. I still start it but mainly to clean up my music and copy the files over to my NAS. I’ve gravitated to the Synology Audio Player on my iDevices although I’m moving the cleaned up songs to Amazon Cloud Player and Google Music along with the Synology NAS.

My phone became eligible for upgrade pricing just after Christmas. My decision on a new phone? Sticking with the iPhone 4S. Windows Phone 8 interests me the most but not enough to move yet. I won’t leave Verizon since they’ve been solid for me, so that limits my phone options. I also want to see how things shake out over time. Microsoft doesn’t have a great record with phones, especially updates. My second choice would be the iPhone 5. Not only is that more expensive to upgrade than moving to Windows Phone, but it also means all new cables and accessories. I don’t have a lot of accessories, but it would be an additional expense.

So for now I’m sticking with my iPhone 4S. If I was forced to upgrade today (for example, I lose my phone) I’d go with Windows Phone 8.

That’s all, on with the new year.

Happy New Year Everyone!