Synology 4.2 Beta

Image of Synolog DiskStation 212j

If my memory is correct Synology usually releases a DSM beta to coincide with CES, along with talking about new products. Even if my memory is wrong, Synology has released DSM 4.2 beta. There’s a boatload of enhancements and new features.

The ones that interest me the most:

  • Various storage and iSCSI enhancements although I’ll probably wait until final release before upgrading by big Synology box due to the amount of data on it.
  • Two step verification (aka two-factor authentication) available for enhanced security.
  • Task Scheduler
  • Multiple DDNS provider support
  • Quick connect support for DS Audion (and other mobile apps, but this interests me the most)
  • Unlimited shared Cloud Station folders and files up to 10 GB can be synced
  • Performance improvements that sound good
  • more, more, more

I upgraded my DS212j which I use for testing. I really shouldn’t have, but DSM beta’s have been reliable in the past, so I upgraded my DS212+ which is my primary app and data file NAS. I haven’t updated my DS1511+ which is used for backup and file storage. I don’t want to have to rebuild multiple terabytes of data or find out a bug broke my backups so I’ll wait on that one.

I did have to manually update the Cloud Station client on my computers, but according to the release notes any future upgrades will be automatic.

The release notes mention DS Cloud for iOS but I don’t see it in the apps store yet. The other Synology mobile apps I use all got updates.

One relatively big change is that a “MyDS” account is more or less required with Synology in order to install or upgrade packages. There is a workaround but it requires manually downloading the packages for Synology and installing them.

Enough writing, let’s see what DSM 4.2 can do.

CES Coverage and Thoughts

CES LogoThe Home Server Show and SurfaceGeeks will be providing live CES coverage. You can watch Dave run around the show floor at and the schedule is at, although it may be easier to just assume the second half of the day, depending on your time zone, and tune in every evening.

As for myself, I have to admit CES doesn’t excite me. I’ll visit the Home Server Show coverage, but beyond that blogs that will be dedicated to CES coverage get temporarily deleted from my feed and any that slip through just get marked as read in bulk. I’m nearly burnt out on tech. My problem with CES is that it will promote a lot of products we’ll never see along with technology the manufacturers hope catch on. Once the hype of CES fades and products either appear or don’t I’ll get interested again. I don’t want to burn out on marketing, show me the cool tech I can get.

It’s probably because I’m getting old, but this year I want to concentrate on enjoying what I have, tweak it to make it better and not get lost in the hype or always reach for the “next big thing”.

But no matter, the Home Server Show coverage should still be fun.

The OS Quest Trail Log #79: Year End Edition

fireworksDecember was a slow month on the quest, so this will be a quick recap. And yes, technically this will be posted at the beginning, not end of a year. But I’m running behind.

I installed Windows 8 earlier in December. I haven’t written about it yet, other than a short review of the new monitor. The short version is that Windows 8 isn’t perfect, but I do like it a lot.

I’m still looking to make iTunes a distant memory. I still start it but mainly to clean up my music and copy the files over to my NAS. I’ve gravitated to the Synology Audio Player on my iDevices although I’m moving the cleaned up songs to Amazon Cloud Player and Google Music along with the Synology NAS.

My phone became eligible for upgrade pricing just after Christmas. My decision on a new phone? Sticking with the iPhone 4S. Windows Phone 8 interests me the most but not enough to move yet. I won’t leave Verizon since they’ve been solid for me, so that limits my phone options. I also want to see how things shake out over time. Microsoft doesn’t have a great record with phones, especially updates. My second choice would be the iPhone 5. Not only is that more expensive to upgrade than moving to Windows Phone, but it also means all new cables and accessories. I don’t have a lot of accessories, but it would be an additional expense.

So for now I’m sticking with my iPhone 4S. If I was forced to upgrade today (for example, I lose my phone) I’d go with Windows Phone 8.

That’s all, on with the new year.

Happy New Year Everyone!