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Microsoft Windows RT Is Coming–Get Ready

Windows 8 is just over a week away. That means Microsoft Surface RT and other Windows 8 and RT tablets are just voer a week away. THis weekend would be a great time to start getting ready.

Picture of fireworksWe’re just over a week away from Microsoft’s Windows 8 launch on October 26th. Windows RT and Microsoft Surface RT are part of that launch party. Eventually I’ll get around to a Windows 8 upgrade, but for now it’s Windows RT that I’m excited about and will it’s what I’m preparing for during the next week.

I’ve pre-ordered a surface RT tablet but that’s because I’m a gadget geek and I like new tech to play with. I imagine most people need more than curiosity to justify a Windows RT tablet purchase. If you’re wondering if a Windows RT tablet is right for you, or if your curious but smarter than me and wanting more info before opening the wallet, here are a couple useful resources. is a website, podcast and community for all thing Surface and Surface like. It’s not restricted to Microsoft Surface or even Windows RT. There’s already forum sections for Samsung and Asus hardware along with a sections for Windows Phone 8 hardware and software. You’ll find me in the forums as OSQuest. Head on over, join in and say hello. is a a completely self-serving item on this list. It’s a new website I’ve started for my Windows RT chronicles. This will be more stream of consciousness than planned out articles and topics. I install a new app – I immediately create a post and update it over time. I’ll also be writing about whether or not the Surface RT can replace my iPad. Not whether it can be an iPad replacement, just if it replaces mine and why or why not.

Then there’s the usual suspects. Paul Thurrott’s always has good info.

Digital Media Zone has a chart comparing what’s know about Windows Tablet. That’s just a sample of the links found on the Surface Geeks forum, so now that this article is over, head on over for more info, things are just getting started,