@#$%!@ Web Host

image of WWW on goldAbout 3:30PM ET today I got an alert that my site was down. Sure enough, it was not accessible. I logged onto my Linode management console and there was a notice that they were investigating a problem affecting my server, They problem was so recent that the status page hadn’t been updated with the incident yet, but it soon indicated a power problem was reported at the site. Long story short, utility power failed and the generators failed to kick in automatically so power was lost to some servers and equipment.

Unfortunately when my server came up about an hour later there was a problem with Apache and it was returning my default site (just a placeholder page) instead of this site and it wasn’t until I restarted Apache a little while ago that the site was being served.

I give Linode high marks for communication, although the outage still stinks. According to the logs it looks like they tried to reboot the server, probably when power came back, and that reboot failed with an “already running” error. So it looks like there was a problem with the power on reboot.

I’m still looking through the logs to see if I can see what the problem is. I also need to see if I can change my alerting to identify my site. I got the email may wite was up, but it was returning the wrong page. So properly identifying my site will be on my to do list.

While I like doing the hosting myself, on an unmanaged VPS this is the downside. Problems occur at inconvenient times and I don’t have anyone to yell at to come up with a solution. Guess I can’t have everything.

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