CrashPlan Comes Through

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Just a quick article to sing the praises of CrashPlan. Greg recently posted a comment asking if I still use CrashPlan on my WHS 2011 box. I do. I also had two recent occurrences where CrashPlan features came through to help me out.

First, my iTunes sync to my iPhone started reporting sync issues due to missing music files. A little research showed it was individual songs from a few different albums and they were deleted around the time I was trying out iTunes Match back in June. I was able to use CrashPlan to restore the missing music files. Even though they were deleted from the computer CrashPlan keeps them around forever (or until I stop paying the bill).

Second, both my Cloudberry backup to Amazon S3 and the CrashPlan backup stopped working around the same time. After two days CrashPlan sent me an alert email because there weren’t any recent backups. Since Cloudberry didn’t have a hard error there wasn’t an alert. While not doing a backup isn’t good, at least Cloudberry caught the problem. For the record – simply restarting both backup jobs resolved the issue. I suspect the problems were related to thunderstorms that rolled through around the times the problem occurred.

CrashPlan is having a back to school sale through Sept 8th and are offering 20% off 1 and 2 year plans. Unfortunately (for me) it appears to be for new accounts only.

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