World Backup Day

Backup Logo - Laptops connected to backupIt’s world backup day. I was surprised to find it’s not a creation of a greeting card company or some other commercial entity. Even so, businesses have latched on with promotions on backup related products. According to CNet World Backup Day was created by:

…Ismail Jadun, a biology student from Youngstown State in Ohio who saw the need for it after reading comments on the lack of backup awareness on social news site Reddit.

There are several offers and links to backup how to articles on their site. But the unbeatable offer I saw cam through my email –  50% off Cloudberry Backup for Windows Home Server. It’s $14.99 through April 7, 2012. I use Cloudberry to create my critical backups. I do hourly backups of my critical data to Amazon S3 (Amazon S3 costs are additional) and then nightly backups of everything to a local NAS. In the past I’ve done backups to attached external drives.

I also use CrashPlan as a safety offsite backup. They don’t seem to be offering any discounts today (just a free e-book with sign-up) but they are relatively inexpensive if you have a lot of data you want to store offsite. They do have special offers occasionally which is how I signed up. Data caps and slow upload speeds limit its use for massive amounts of data, which is one way they get away with an unlimited data plan.

I guess the concept of World Backup Day is a good way to remind people, but backups should be a every day occurrence.

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