iPad First Impression – The Condensed Version

Apple iPad ImageI wrote a rather long winded first impression of my new iPad. This is a condensed version written after a nights sleep.

  • With the screen hype I expected to turn on the iPad and exclaim “It’s Gorgeous!”. Instead I thought “It’s an iPad 2”. The screen is certainly nice, but as an daily iPad 2 user it was only noticeably better when I displayed them side-by-side. Someone who does a lot of video or photos would probably feel different about this.
  • Verizon LTE was faster and a better internet experience than I expected. I had tried an LTE phone a while back and was not impressed. See my twitter feed for some speed test screenshots.
  • The iPad does not feel faster. I had to find my most intensive app and do some side by side comparisons. Obviously the iPad is more powerful and has faster hardware (it needs it to push those pixels around), I’m just saying I have to stretch to find a performance difference for what I do today.

This is based on how good the iPad 2 is and the way I use it (little photo or video)

Buyer’s remorse? Not really. I’m a fanboy and it is better. I suspect Verizon LTE will be a regular subscription on my iPad rather than the twice a year event that AT&T was. That makes up for the overblown expectations I had with the screen.

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