CrashPlan Upgrades to 3.2

Backup Logo - Laptops connected to backupCrashPlan has upgrades to version 3.2. The details are here. There’s some new features of course, although none that I’ll be using. There’s also a few bugfixes:

  • Real-time file watcher now works properly on Linux installations with 3.x series kernels
  • Attaching an archive no longer adversely affects existing archive.
  • Setting up a backup to an attached drive no longer redirects to the local install path of CrashPlan.

None of those bugs bit me.

I run CrashPlan on Windows Home Server 2011 and Crashplan updated itself about 1AM this morning, shortly before it’s scheduled backup start time at 2AM. Not sure if that was coincidence or intentional preparation.

I like how CrashPlan has been “basically set it and forget it”. I have it set to send me an alert if no backup occurs in 2 days. Even though CrashPlan is a safety backup of stuff already backed up,  I don’t want the surprise of finding out I need it and there hasn’t been a backup in 3 months.

I haven’t given a status in awhile. I’m up to 363 GB stored with them. That’s more than Comcast’s data cap (250 GB) will allow me to restore in a month so if disaster strikes I’ll either need a couple months or some fast talking. So I haven’t been looking to add much more to the backup beyond changes of current selections.

CrashPlan is still on my recommended list for WHS backups, even if it’s not officially supported. CrashPlan related articles are here.

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    • @Evert – Sorry to hear that. I haven’t had the courage to get Crashplan going on Synology yet. Looks like I lucked out. Good luck.
      – Ray

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