Confessions of a iPad Fanboy

Apple iPad ImageI’ve come to the realization that I’m an iPad fanboy since I managed to talk myself into buying the latest one even before it was announced. I do have a defense, even if it is lame.

A couple days before the iPad announcement I checked its value on and found that I’d get 50% of what I paid for it. I since I expected Apple to keep pricing the same I’d cover 50% of the latest model. So in order to avoid the rush (and anticipated price drop) I went ahead and sold it to Gazelle, locking in the price for 30 days. While I would be able to get more by selling it myself, the “lack of hassle” factor is important to me. I figured worst case I could simply let the offer expire. I figured Apple would be shipping a week after the announcement, two at most so the 30 days would be enough.

So what was I expecting? Basically, faster and better. Nothing “revolutionary”. I figured a better display, probably called retina for the marketing advantage, and a faster CPU. More storage for the money would have been nice. I was sure the rumors of a new dock connector were wrong and I hoped the form factor would be close enough to use my few accessories and cases. Apple ended up announcing almost exactly what I was expecting. To be fair, I did expect Siri but didn’t care about it.

I could make an argument that I’ve minimizing the cost by maximizing the trade-in price. But the reality is keeping what I already have makes the most economic sense. But I have little will power. While I did get an iPad 2 it wasn’t right away. Eventually I decided it was worth the cost to get more storage along with wireless (or the telecom variety). So I just gave into the inevitable and ordered the replacement up front. It’s not like the price will go down, baring special promotions and preparation for the next version.

The new iPad was announced and I had the option of just letting my Gazelle offer expire but I went ahead and ordered the replacement. I admit I lacked enthusiasm and waited over a day before ordering, getting my order in just before the delivery dates started to slip. Lacking enthusiasm doesn’t mean I’m looking forward to the upgrade. I read someplace that if you use the iPad 2 more than 10 hours a week the it was worth upgrading. I’m not sure that number is valid, but I certainly use the iPad much more than that and expect to benefit from the better screen.

The iPad sits on my desk as I work and I refer to it a lot for reference(books/notes/pdf) and task management. I also use it to RDP into my home network and servers at times. I’m hoping the improved screen makes it easier on the eyes (but not simply make the type smaller). I’ve begun to play my own videos on it a bit too, although the videos won’t match the screen resolution. I never really liked Apple as a video source source or library so won’t be viewing their HD video after the inevitable test.

I considered downsizing to the 32GB model since my current usage is just a tad under 32GB. But space requirements only seem to expand so I kept the 64GB. So my iPad has shipped (according to the email) and sitting at Fedex waiting for them to delivery it Friday. Friday will be the moment of truth to see if this fanboy is still happy. Oh wait, a true fanboy won’t care wait arrived.

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