Cloudberry Backup For WHS 2.6 Released

CDP SelectedCloudberry has released version 2.6 (actually of their Cloudberry Backup for Windows Home Server 2011 add-in. The big new feature of this release is Continuous Real-Time Backup. (This feature is in all flavors of their Version 2.6 backup software but I’m using the WHS 2011 add-in.) This is also called Continuous Data Protection (CDP). Changes are detected immediately although by default the uploads occur every 10 minutes. According to this blog post the 10 minute interval is configurable, but so far I’m unable to find where it can be configured in the WHS 2011 add-in.

Setting CDP is done on the schedule tab and can be done on a per-job basis. Click the thumbnail above for a full size screenshot.

I’m still debating exactly how I want to use this feature, but I started off by changing my hourly Amazon S3 backup of my important files to be continuous rather than hourly. But I’m thinking I may want to stick to hourly. With bandwidth caps and such I may not want every single file change sent out. I’ll see how it goes and monitor S3 to see if there’s an increase in the data it receives.

I’m considering changing my nightly local backups to CDP since the destination drives are always powered on. There’s no bandwidth cap considerations since its local, but I’m a little concerned that the disk activity and the relatively low horsepower Micro Server might not like the continuous backup. So I’ll have to do some testing first. “Testing” may be a generous description. I’ll probably turn it on and see if I notice any performance hit during the following days.

Upgrade Woes

I’ve had some problems upgrading the add-in the last couple of times. I upgraded and received a successful message but the new features weren’t there. Checking the logs show the old version is running although the WHS 2011 console has the new version displayed. Re-running the install says it’s already installed. A reboot brought no joy. I suspect I’m paying for doing upgrades since the beta and something is out of whack.

So after backing up the configuration I deactivated the Cloudberry license, searched the registry and removed all reference to Cloudberry (some of which were obviously specific to old versions). Then I uninstalled the add-in via the WHS console which said it was gone. Restarting the console (and then the server) still showed the Cloudberry tab and all my configuration. I ran the add-in install again and this time it worked and I had the new features. Hopefully future upgrades will work fine.

Very First Impression

The backup plan is in a continuous running state which is true but disconcerting since the status is a countdown to the backup and since there’s nothing to backup it’s a loop. CPU usage is 0% when there’s not anything actually being backed up. It was between 1 an d 5% when files were being backed up. I was streaming video at the time of the backup and didn’t see any issue. The video was on a different physical drive than the one being backed up.

Other Recent New Features

Cloudberry has added several new features I’ve found useful and has turned into a complete backup solution. Local backups get all the same features as cloud backups (not too long ago they only had a subset). These features include:

  • Encryption
  • Server Side Encryption for Amazon S3
  • Compression
  • Block Level Backup
  • Volume Shadow Copy Service support
  • Compression
  • GovCloud support for Amazon S3
  • Virtual Disk support for Amazon S3 (mount the Amazon S3 destination as a drive)

I don’t use Server Side Encryption, GovCloud or Virtual Disks but the other options work well, Cloudberry also supports an additional 10 cloud destinations (in addition to Amazon S3 and Local Files) many of which I never heard of so assume they are in Europe or Asia.


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  1. When I first started to use the Cloudberry addin for WHS 2011, I hought it was great. But after the first update it flooded my network, to the point that My 50meg connection was reduced to 1meg. After changing the connection from the from the unlimited (which worked perfectly in my initial install) to 200k, I mangaed to get it to work again. Anything above 200Kbytes/s still kills the net work. Now the last three updateds have yet to complete a backup, at this point I am looking for a new solution. I will no long recomment Cloudberry as a viable backup solution.

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