Changing Time


Alarm ClockI’m sure anyone who’s affected already knows the clocks fell back an hour this morning. Like past years the tech that makes our lives easier wasn’t quit up to the task. But there seemed to be fewer problems this year. The only real DST bug I ran into was on my iPhone. It fell back two hours but surprisingly, the alarm went off at the right time. When the alarm went off the clock said 6am, it was actually 7am and the alarm was set for 7am. But that did make for a confusing first minute. The clock was fine after a sync with iTunes. The phone is an Verizon iPhone 4 running iOS 5. My iPad which also runs iOS 5 was problem free.

The backup service on my Windows Homes Server 2011 box decided to stop around midnight. It’s may not time related since it seems to have stopped shortly after midnight. The backups that usually happen just after midnight never happened. Clicking the resolve issue link in the alert solved that problem and the backups soon happened. A second WHS 2011 server had no problems (a recently installed test box).

But a problem with Superduper! was probably related to the time change. It’s nightly image had been running so well for so long I forgot it was there. But this morning it displayed an error. It had been updating my backup image when the time changed and this seemed to cause a problem. Rerunning it in the morning was fine.

Other than that everything else was fine. Computers changed as they should and I remembered how to do all the manual clock changes so didn’t have to go hunting for manuals this time.


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