Move MobileMe to iCloud

iCloud IconAfter upgrading my desktop Mac to Lion 10.7.2 and my iPhone and iPad to iOS 5 it was time to convert my MobileMe account to iCloud and see what all the excitement was about. I don’t use most of the MobileMe features and in fact the features I did use weren’t moved to iCloud so I had to make other arrangements, But once I was ready these were the steps to move to iCloud. I did have problems getting the iCloud move to work, but eventually had success.

Start iCloud from System Preferences


The 10.7.2 install will automatically bring up the iCloud preferences pane. But since I skipped it then I started it through preferences.

Start the Move


Start the move by clicking the “Move to iCloud” button. This will switch you to a browser page.

Start Again – This Time in the Browser


Click the “Get Started” button (you may need to logon with your MobileMe account).

Calendar and Email Will Be Moved


The first screen notifies about the e-mail and Calendar move.

Gallery, iDisk and iWeb Will Stay On MobileMe for Awhile


I don’t use any of these three apps but they’ll go away on Jun 30, 2012.

Not Everything Will Be Available


I don’t sync any of these items so their loss is not a concern to me.

Is Everything Ready?


I’ve already upgraded my desktop Mac and MacBook Air to Lion 10.7.2. My iPhone and iPad are on iOS 5, so I’m ready to upgrade. I check the confimation box then click Nect.

Confirm At Least Once Device Is Up To Date


I don’t sync bookmarks through MobileMe but my contacts are up to date on both Macs that use MobileMe.

Confirm There’s a Backup


I did a backup before beginning so I’m ready to go.

Agree to the Legal term


Oops – Apple Is Busy


This was a frequent message throughout the first day. I start from the beginning each time. Finally I had…



The messages popped up on my computers, iPhone and iPad so I acknowledged it and verified the iCloud settings in preferences. I didn’t have to change anything,

Once everything is moved performance seems fine, although I sync very little with iCloud and I’m hesitant to enable more just yet.

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