What’s Was New Is Now Old

Picture of the Verizon iPhoneYesterday I had a phone that had the latest technology. Today it’s now an old piece of crap. Well, not really and not for another couple of weeks. But the iPhone announcement had me thinking of two things.

First, it wash’t long ago when a phone was a phone and it would be a couple years before making a change. Now, even though there are two year contracts to get the best phone price, the iPhone is in a yearly upgrade cycle. While Android is a bit more fractured most of those phones also seem to be “obsolete” in about a year. I picked my iPhone up with the Verizon release so I’ve had it less than a year, making it even worse for me even though Apple was a little late for the yearly upgrade.

Even though I’m eligible for an upgrade in November (the complicated contracts working in my favor this time even though it’s been less than a year) I doubt I’ll upgrade. This brings up the second observation – while my phone may be technically obsolete it’s fine for me. Nothing in the new phone I want that I won’t get with the OS upgrade. Is that a sign that the phone OS’s are mature of that I have a problem by not automatically lusting after the latest tech?

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  1. Well stated. As a victim of an early android that was obsolete about nine months into my contract, my take is that we are now dealing with a new “Ma Bell”, more rabid and less contained. I am also losing my love of gadgets, sadly, But I will jump the new (?) iPhone, not waiting for the “5”, only to save me from my wretched Droid.

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