MacBook Air Trumps iPad

An interesting event happened today. As I was heading out the the house for the day I grabbed my MacBook Air and left the iPad home. In the past I would have taken just the iPad, or in rare cases taken both (and a bag big enough to handle both).  I didn’t have any specific computer needs but if I found the time I’d catch up on my feeds or work on some blog content (such as this post).

While the Air is certainly bigger than the iPad it’s just as convenient to carry. Both fit in a that’s really no bigger than the device and both have the battery to get through the day so no accessories needed. While there may be Windows PCs that meet the Air’s instant on and long battery life in a easily carried size it wasn’t true of my (admittedly old) netbook never lived up to those expectations.

I’m certainly not saying that everyone should get a MacBook Air instead of an iPad but it certainly complicates things.  The iPad is easier to use “on the go” but in that case it’s caught in a squeeze between the Air and smartphones. The Air does generally require a working surface to use it but it’s instant on feature makes getting to it as fast as the iPad. So while I was comfortable with my decision to not get an iPad 2 now I wonder if I’ll want an iPad 3 (whenever it arrives) if my current iPad is still running. I suspect I’ll be carrying the MacBook Air outside the house these days although the iPad will remain in daily use.

2 thoughts on “MacBook Air Trumps iPad”

  1. I left the house with both today! I didn't have any time or a spot to bring out the Air in my travels so just used the iPad with my Verizon hot spot on the Droid Incredible. I just thought it was funny to see your post on deciding what to take as I was in the same situation.

    • @David, interesting coincidence. I usually have both in my bag when I leave the house and almost always reach for the iPad during the day. Which is why I had to think twice about leaving the iPad behind today. And the phone hotspot is the perfect solution since we always have our phones and can connect either device.
      Thank, Ray

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