Obvious Lessons Learned

Random Access - System Builds category tileSometimes I never learn. Ran into two self-inflected speed bumps while rebuilding my Windows Home Server 2011.

1. Read The Messages – I spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out why WHS 2011 didn’t like the drivers for the RAID controller. Then I finally read the message and didn’t jump to a conclusion. The problem was it couldn’t find my eSATA connected DVD drive. A switch to USB and all was well.

2. Power is important. Balance a power brick near the power strip’s power switch and it’s sure to cut power at the worst time, despite a mental note to be careful. So rather than take 60 seconds to be careful I nudged the power switch at cut power to the server. The RAID array needed rebuilding and a file copy died mid-copy. I decided to start over rather than risk a problem going unnoticed. This time with the server powered from a UPS rather than the mouse-trap like power strip.

The install is progressing so I’ll make this a quick post.

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