Links: Tech Links for Saturday Nov 27th

Tile for posts in the Links categoryMost of my reading this week was related to the removal of Drive Extender fro Windows Home Server. And the interesting links for that topic are here. I added a couple new links today so if your interest head back there.

In keeping with the Thanksgiving theme (at least for those of us in the US) Lifehacker has a list of the 50 free apps their readers are most thankful for.

Forklift for the Mac has been updated. This is an FTP client/Finder replacement that I’ve always found intriguing but never pulled the trigger and bought. Every time it makes news I look at it again but it’s never enough for me to move away from Pathfinder and Transmit, which I already own.

A hard drive in a Delorean is pricey but if you’re a Back to the Future fan with extra money it’s a fine novelty.

MediaMonkey is a potential iTunes replacement that I came across recently. I’m taking the free version for a spin but have yet to try syncing to my iPod or Android phone.

Tom’s Hardware has a good analysis of when to add RAM to a system. My opinion has always been you can never have too much RAM but they help us decide when more RAM won’t help.

Technologizer touches on a topic I’ve been interested in recently, cutting the cable TV cord,  as I think about how I want to reconfigure my living room entertainment. I’ve been down to basic cable and I’d only save $5/mth for dropping TV (due to a bundle discount with my internet service) so I’m not looking to cut as much as I am looking to bring more in.

WordPress 3.1 beta has been released so it looks like the full release is getting close. Even though I use WordPress I usually don’t look at the betas, but it’s there if your interested.

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