Links: Tech Links for Saturday Nov 20th

These are the tech links that I starred in Google Reader during the last week.

Using Windows Home Server brought the Western Digital AV-25 hard drives to my attention. These are 2.5” drives intended to be used 24 X 7 and remain cool and quiet. Good for HTPC’s. I should have considered these as 2.5” drives for my recent Windows Home Server build. I will keep them in mind if I decide to go with a HTPC.

While the AV-25 drives are economically priced with a 320GB drive costing about $50, Tom’s Hardware brings new of a $11,500 300GB SSD drive.

Process Explorer has been upgrade to version 14.

Intel has lowered the price of their 120GB SSD just in time for holiday shopping.

Continuing the storage theme, Tom’s Hardware has an in-depth performance analysis of SSDs versus a RAID array of traditional drives.

Ed Bott is using a Mac Mini next to a Windows box, linked with Synergy, which is similar to my setup. Like him, I had issues with Synergy but got it working with a slightly older version on the Windows box.

Bruce Schneier is the Chief Security technology Office of BT (aka British Telecom), an author of security books and often quoted security guru. I follow his security blog and he has a nice collection of links related to the TSA Backscatter X-Ray controversy. Lots a links that will take some time to go through, but a pretty good overview.

As more news comes out about the Stuxnet virus, it’s pretty scary in that it appears to have been designed for industrial sabotage. The NY Times has a story about the research into the origin of Stuxnet.

AnandTech has updated their System Builder’s Guide just in time for the holidays.

Tim Berners-Lee, a key creator of the web, if not the creator, has a long article in Scientific-American about current threats to the web. I just came across it and haven’t read through it yet. But anything this guy says is going to be worth reading so it was sent to Instapaper for weekend reading.

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